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We  design and develop  high-quality Class-D / PWM amplifiers and Switch-Mode power supplies for use in a broad range of consumer and pro-audio products.

Recently we have developed a new series of pwm amplifiers called the Delta-series taking class-d amplifiers a step forward in audio quality , also compared with good linear amplifiers.

It is sort of hybrid between analog and switching amplifiers, input stage is discrete class-d, modulator is discrete delta/sigma modulation, drivers are high voltage and high current drivers, output is after the filter and is again very analog in nature.

Frequency response is linear from 10Hz to 30 kHz and is widely independant of load impedance, noise and THD is very good , EMI is very good, square wave response is very good, like a good analog amplifier.

We focus here on the DELTA series of amplifiers, and we offer them as ready made modules, modules made OEM or as designs for your own production, contact us for more details and pricing.

Audio quality and reliability is the best in the business and our designs meet the EMC requirements of today.

We offer these designs as "of-the_shelf" designs or as custom designs if you require specs and features not allready found in the existing designs.

We can offer the designs as board designs for your own casing or we can offer "turn-key" designs including metalwork design, cases etc.

Digital Signal Processing DSP

We offer custom designs for DSP boards with very high audio performance, as an example 1-2 inputs, 4 outputs, crossovers, eq, delay etc.

PWM Amplifiers

We offer of-the shelf designs or custom designs for PWM amplifiers  from 100W to 5000W pr channel , half-bridge and full-bridge designs

Combo-boards with PWM amplifiers + switch-mode supplies from 250W to 4000W or more, half-bridge and full-bridge designs
including bi-amp designs with active crossovers etc.               

Multi-channel amplifiers , like 4 x 150W , 6 x 150W , 4 x 300W , 6 x 300W etc.

The amplifiers can be combined with SMPS (switch-mode supplies) , either on-board or as a separate board, same applies to PFC and DC-DC converter.

Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

We offer designs for Switch mode power supplies from 250W to 3600W, half-bridge and full-bridge.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

3600W power factor correction board

Switch Mode Power Supplies with power factor correction (SMPS/PFC)

1500/3000W switch-mode power supplies with power factor correction

DC-DC converters ,

DC500 12V input , 2x60V DC output , 500W

All designs come with schematics, pcb layout, gerber files, bom and calculated manufacturing cost/unit.

DSP 242 - 2ch processor module


DELTA 254A 250W amplifier


DELTA 504A2 - 2X500W PWM Amplifier


DELTA 504ASW2 - 2X500W / 1 X 1000W
Amplifier + SMPS


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