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Digiamps.com designs and develops  high-quality Class-D / PWM amplifiers and Switch-Mode power supplies for use in a broad range of consumer and pro-audio products.
Audio quality and reliability is the best in the business and our designs meet the EMC requirements of today.
We offer these designs as custom designs suited to individual requirements as we do have a range of std. modules and solutions as well, please see Products page for more info. 
Our design team combines many years of experience with pro-audio and leading edge technology in digital/pwm amplification, power conversion, electonic design for consumer and pro-auio companies and applications.

We are constantly improving this technology and we offer this very
competent and versatile range of designs and products, if you have
ideas or requests for other products or special versions of these dont
hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to give you a quotation based on your actual requirements and based on estimated or real qty./ year , we think you will be pleasently surprised to see that our modules are very cost competitive in qty and very often a custom design will be a cost effective solution if a min. qty is reached.

We can handle all production aspects and we can work with you as an oem partner.

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