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The concept of class-d amplifiers has been known for decades but development in fets and drivers made practical versions possible some 15 years ago.

High efficiency was and is on of the key benefits of class-d amplifiers (and with switch-mode power supplies) , low weight, sturdy designs are features derived from the high efficiency, lately also very good audio quality is becoming a trademark at least for the better class-d amplifiers.

One of the first widely known class-d amplifier was the Harris Eval-2 demo board from 1996, a 200w class-d amplifier based on HIP4080 driver, Icepower amplifiers, Coolaudio (Intersil) amplifiers and CAD amplifiers among many others are driectly inspired by these.

Quite a bit of development has happened since 1996 so today class-d amplifiers have broad acceptance for hi-fi use, the are widely used in PA / pro-audio and in musical instrument amplification.

For some time class-d amplifiers has been way to go in car-fi amplification too, when combined with dc-dc converters high power and high audio quality is easily achieved in compact designs wasting a lot less power than the previous types.

We have been involved in dersigns for all segments mentioned above and we have a very large experience in designing just the right solution for the application, not too over-engineered and not cutting corners, as you can see from our existing designs we cover a broad range of applications and power levels.

Latest addition to our range of class-d amplifiers are the DELTA range of amplifiers, these amplifiers combine the best from analog and switching amplifiers and introduce a new level of audio quality in switching amplifiers,

We would be happy to partner with you for your amplification needs.


DELTA 254A 250W amplifier

DELTA 504ASW2 - 2X500W / 1 X 1000W
Amplifier + SMPS

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