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Digiamps PWM amplifiers and Switch-Mode Power Supplies are based on many years experience with audio design and power conversion design.

Recently we have developed a new series of pwm amplifiers called the Delta-series taking class-d amplifiers a step forward in audio quality , also compared with good linear amplifiers.

It is sort of hybrid between analog and switching amplifiers, input stage is discrete class-d, modulator is discrete delta/sigma modulation, drivers are high voltage and high current drivers, output is after the filter and is again very analog in nature.

Frequency response is linear from 10Hz to 30 kHz and is widely independant of load impedance, noise and THD is very good , EMI is very good, square wave response is very good, like a good analog amplifier.

For multi-channel applications we think it is the best configuration too.
Lately more integrated designs have matured, we have made designs with these too
and we focus on these for low and medium power designs to keep the cost down.

EMC and noise issues are dealt with from the design phase and we use multi-layer pcbs with ground planes and decoupling combined with EMC filters at the output and power inputs.

Our switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) are designed to power audio amplifiers with the very fluctuating load this presents to the supply and they are again unconditionally stable and works very well into no load or full load.

Power factor corrention (PFC) becomes very attractive or mandatory at high power levels, the PFC circuit ensures a load from the AC line very much like a true resistive load and unlike the very high peak currents associated with normal power supplies (SMPS or linear).

Typical applications for our amplifers (and power supplies) are;

*HIFI amplifiers

*Home Cinema Amplifiers

*Active Loudspeakers

*PA amplifiers

*ELA amplifiers

*Musical Instrument Amplifiers

*Industrial Amplifiers

*CAR audio amplifiers

etc. etc.


DELTA AMP 1 kHz square wave

DELTA AMP 10 kHz square wave



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